Andel is a family backed venture capital company, from Andorra.
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Our Process



Investing our own capital, we proactively identify the best oportunities with a focus on the quality. Americas and Europe are our main focus but we do not close any options.



Each deal is fast reviewed internally with our full involvement. We work with you to understand pros & cons of your situation. Then we evaluate the potential impact of our commitment.



Based in Andorra, Andel can invest anywhere in the World. Depending of the project we can take a minority or a majority stake. The simpler the deal, the better.

Examples of investments

We foster long-term relationships. Do you want to start one?


Learn what you can expect from us.

Concentrated Portfolio

Venture capital, Seed Money or Private Equity: with a concentrated portfolio we involve ourselves fully behind our investments.

Flexible Solutions

We are not the standard VC, we can tailor flexible solutions together to adress your problems and seek your success.

No Public Exposure

We cherish our own privacy so we do not appear on public or social medias.


Andel, Andorra-based Venture Capital (VC) firm, invests in startups with occidental DNA and strong international ambitions, real estate developments and buildings.

We believe in you. We want to make your project succeed worldwide.